how to choose the right makeupLiquid, cream, powder...there are all kinds of foundations in many different shades avaliable on the high street- do you feel at a loss as to which kind is suitable for you and which colour is the right one? Here I am going to give you some basic guidelines. Once you know the fundamental rules, It is actually quite straightforward when it comes to picking the right one.

First thing to know is: foundation isn't to add colour to the skin. It is to give you an even, flawless complexion, an ideal base to work with.

Some basic knowledge of the products will also help. The coverage and texture of different kinds of foundation will vary from brand to brand, the composition and ingredients will also be quite different.

For me you can't beat a mineral make up. This is because a mineral make up is non comodigenic, meaning it will not create black heads or block the skin, making it a suitable base for spot or acne suffers. Because a mineral make up is prodominately made from zinc oxides they have a natural SPF protection, this ingredient is also known for its healing properties making it non irritant, great for use after a facial or for a sensitive skin. However beware, by law for a company to claim that it is a mineral make up it only has to contain 15% minerals the rest of the product is packed with talc and other nasty ingredients which is often the case with cheeper high street brands.

The brand that I am using to show you how to colour test is YoungBlood Mineral Cosmetics. This brand comes highly recommended and is avalible at WPR Beauty Spa Cosmetic. It is 100% minerals and comes in a variety of base types to suit different skin types and acheive different levels of coverage from loose, liquid, pressed, and tinted.

Please note whenever you're choosing foundation

  1. always try them on and colour match before purchase
  2. ask for detailed product information, so you are aware of what you are buying

For example, the difference between YoungBlood foundations are:

With this in mind, let's start the colour match!

Colour Match - Loose Powder Foundation

1. look at the skin tone, is it cool or warm, remember pink tone skin is cool, yellow tone skin is warm, this is important to establish when choosing a foundation base.

Choose 4 shades that look close to the skin tone, if you are not sure test the foundation, if the foundation looks yellow on your skin then you need a cool tone foundation which will look pink, if it looks pink on your skin then you need a warm tone which will be yellow. Always test the foundation on the face, your skin is a totally different colour on your hand or neck, which is the most common place people will test their new purchase!

how to choose the right shade of makeup foundation - step 1



2. Apply them in a line to the side of the face. Make sure you blend the foundation and allow it settle onto the skin.

how to choose the right shade of makeup foundation - step 2.1

how to choose the right shade of makeup foundation - step 2.2


3. 4 colours have been chosen with warm and cool tones, the clear winner is Neutral which can barely be seen once blended.

how to choose the right shade of makeup foundation - step 3

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